Do a Google search for relationships and you’ll find a slew of blogs and posts and it all becomes an onslaught of measuring sticks that seem impossible to be compatible with.
Do a Google image search and it takes a minute to find pictures where the relationships at least SEEM good.


For the average guy, you’re scared to death of making the wrong move, not a clue what “wooing” is, and usually resort to non-face-to-face communication with the girls who are drawn to …because it’s easier. And if you add in any spiritual/Jesus component to the situation, it all becomes a daunting mess where the only clues you’re given are from other guys in similar (or worse) boats as you — all in all, a male perspective.

Likewise, as the average girl, you’re head is filled with ideals from movies, social media, Pinterest, etc., and a lack of real-life examples to see just how it all works. Not to mention an incalculable number of men who have sat aside because we, the independent women of the world have stepped up to the plate to pursue the pursuer. Once the roles are mixed up, there’s a bit of mess. But more on that to come.
Plus, if you add in Christianity to the mix, you’ve got 1000 expectations of how Jesus loves the church, so should you be loved- and you should, but as a woman to women…we heap a lot without much vocal communication to the guys.

I have long desired to help all the guy friends I have grown up to be able to interpret the signs and symptoms of their female counterparts. To aid in their being a great man and living up to their traditional societal role – how? through perspective!
No more do guys have to wonder and guess at the crazy girls they know [yes, I called us women crazy– because that’s how we can come across, it’s okay]

Let me be 1) a resource to the fellas and 2) a voice of reason and comfort to the ladies, because let’s face it — we need that too.


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